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Applied Technology Group, Inc. is a full-service wireless communications company providing services for public safety, commercial industries, education, and private enterprise. Since 1986, we have been providing services for diverse industries. We specialize in many facets of communications including, Wireless Internet Services, Fleet Management, Surveillance Camera Systems, IT Technical Support Services, and Web Hosting. We take great pride in offering superior customer service, qualified field support and professional technical sales representatives. We believe in continual training and education of our staff and throughout the years we have developed an extensive knowledge base. We build long term business relationships with our clients to ensure your systems are operating correctly for many years to come!

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Service Areas

We offer high speed Internet in urban and rural areas throughout Kern County; including Bakersfield, Oildale, Lamont, Arvin, Shafter, Wasco, Delano, Cuyama Valley, Earlimart & Lost Hills. We’re still growing our coverage areas.

Planting a Pole or Tower

We love land with no telephone poles or cables. We build wireless communication systems in rural places. If you have a hard to reach area or undeveloped land, we would love to work with you on your communication needs. Deploying Broadband Internet, Private LTE, Two-Way Radio Coverage, Licensed Microwave Systems and more!


We provide security software that will protect your computers and servers from cyber attacks. All while keeping your computer running at its full potential. For more information visit

MSP Services

We provide technical support. Along with our cybersecurity we also offer cloud backup services. For more information visit

Tech Support

Our team of highly qualified technicians are ready to assist you with any issues that you are having with your network and devices. Our highly experienced team is ready to assist.

Rental Equipment

We offer the opportunity to rent networking equipment so that you don’t worry. Leave the maintenance to us.


We offer many different options in house, including, residential, commercial and industrial grade routers that will provide the best performance for your needs.

Wi-Fi Coverage

A great way to extend your Internet service throughout your home or office is by adding a Wi-Fi system to your existing router or access point. With sufficient Internet capacity, we can turn your existing network into a mesh system by redistributing your Internet into other sections of your home, business or property.

Email Services

We can host your emails and providing you with a custom domain. With our own hosting server, your emails will be secure and accessible from anywhere.

Providing You Reliable Uploads, Downloads, & Backups

We Give You the Stats You Need to Optimize User Experience

We Make Security & Privacy One of Our Top Priorities

our products

There are different types of Wi-Fi equipment available, and each is designed to improve Internet signals in existing and eliminate dead zones. Some facilities require custom installations of Wi-Fi equipment, while others can be enhanced with a simple plug and play wall powered outlet option. Depending on the number of devices using the Internet at one time will determine whether or not your current Internet speeds will need to be increased. Therefore, let us recommend the correct Wi-Fi equipment to enhance your Internet service.

Dedicated Support

We Offer 24-hr Technical Support

Let us know how many devices and services you want to use within your property and we will perform a site survey to determine your internet speeds. Next, we custom build your connection for optimum speeds and reliability and rest assured we provide unparalleled customer service. We don’t throttle your speed or limit your bandwidth. We’re local and we care! We offer 24-hour Technical Support in addition to a variety of computer support services to assist you with your computer and Internet needs.


Wave 2 Wi-Fi product with advanced management capabilities deliver high capacity and fast installation in an affordable package – to connect people, place and things. Cambium Networks offers secure, scalable, cloud-managed solutions for home, small business, and both indoor and outdoor enterprise local Wi-Fi network applications.


The AmpliFi HD (High Density) Router and Extender Kit includes a router base station and two rotating wireless HD extenders for ultimate Wi -Fi performance and coverage throughout your home. The HD Kit provides enhanced wireless performance in an innovative design. The router features an intuitive touchscreen display and the extenders feature a unique adjustable Super Antenna.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Help Even in Rural Areas?

Call today and speak with a representative to find out if Wireless Internet is available in your area. We’re still growing our coverage areas and we offer high speed Internet in urban and rural areas throughout Kern County; including Bakersfield, Oildale, Lamont, Arvin, Shafter, Wasco, Delano, Cuyama Valley, Earlimart & Lost Hills. Working with us is simple.

*No throttling of speeds or limiting bandwidth*

How does Wi-Fi work?

Wi-Fi uses radio waves to wirelessly connect devices like routers and smartphones, allowing data transmission and intetrnet connectivity without physical cables. 

What speeds allow me to use my POS system?

A stable Wi-Fi connection with a speed of at least 1-2 Mbps (Megabits per second) is typically enough for a Point of Sale (POS) system to function properly. However, higher speeds can provide better performance, especially during peak usage times or for more data-intensive tasks. 

What's the difference betweem your Internet service and satellite Internet?

1. Wireless Internet Service:
Wireless internet service uses radio signals to transmit data between a device and a nearby base station or access point. This type of service includes technologies like Wi-Fi, cellular networks (3G, 4G, 5G), and fixed wireless broadband. It’s commonly used for local area network (LAN) connections within a limited range. Wireless internet is often faster and more reliable when the device is in close proximity to the access point.
2. Satellite Internet Service:
Satellite internet service, on the other hand, uses satellite technology to provide internet connectivity. Data is transmitted to and from satellites orbiting the Earth. A satellite dish at your location communicates with these satellites to establish a connection. This type of service is particularly useful in areas where traditional wired connections (cable or DSL) are not feasible due to remote locations or lack of infrastructure. However, satellite internet tends to have higher latency (signal delay) compared to other types of connections, which can impact real-time activities like online gaming or video conferencing.

In summary, wireless internet service uses radio signals for local connections and is often faster, while satellite internet relies on satellite communication for broader coverage, making it suitable for remote areas but with potentially higher latency.


How many users can use the Internet at one time?

The number of users who can effectively use an internet connection at the same time depends on various factors, including the type of internet connection, the available bandwidth, and the activities each user is engaged in. In general:

1. Broadband Connection (DSL, Cable, Fiber):
With a standard residential broadband connection, several users can use the internet simultaneously. The available bandwidth is typically shared among the connected devices. The more bandwidth you have, the more users can comfortably use the connection without significant slowdowns. For basic web browsing and streaming, a few users might share a connection without much trouble. However, as more users engage in data-intensive activities like HD streaming, online gaming, or video conferencing, the available bandwidth will be divided, potentially leading to slower speeds for each user.
2. Mobile Data (3G, 4G, 5G):
Mobile data networks also allow multiple users to connect at the same time. Mobile network providers have infrastructure to support a significant number of simultaneous connections. However, the available bandwidth is shared among users in a given cell tower’s coverage area. In densely populated areas with high user demand, you might experience slower speeds during peak times.
3. Satellite Internet:
Satellite internet services can support multiple users, but the available bandwidth is more limited compared to traditional broadband options. Satellite connections often have higher latency, which can affect real-time activities when used by multiple users simultaneously.
4. Enterprise or Business Connections:
Businesses often subscribe to internet plans with higher bandwidth to accommodate a larger number of users. Enterprise-grade connections are designed to handle more users and data-intensive tasks more effectively.

In essence, the number of users that can comfortably use an internet connection at the same time depends on the specific circumstances, the type of connection, and the activities being performed. Subscribing to a plan with higher bandwidth can help support more users and maintain better performance during peak usage times.

Why is there an install fee?

Each customer is provided with their own connection that needs to be planned and bulit to ensure the service we provide will perform efficiently. We provide a professional installation team.

What speeds will allow me to watch Netflix/Hulu?

According to Nefflix, the minimum required speed for streaming Netflix is 3 Mbps for SD (standard definition) video quality. Netflix recommends at least 5 Mbps for HD quality and 15 Mbps for Ultra HD or 4K quality.

According to Hulu, customers streaming standard content from Hulu’s library are recommended to have at least 3Mbps but may be able to stream in lower quality with 1.5Mbps. Live streaming requires 8Mbps, and streaming 4K content requires 16Mbps.

Why do I need a survey?

An internet survey determines whether ATG is able to provide a reliable internet connection to one of their sites. The connection will determine the amount of bandwidth and quality of services we are able to offer.

ATG performs internet surveys with a specialized velichle that has a telescoping mast. This mast helps to determine the perfect height for our equipment to have a line of sight back to our tower sites. Without a good line of sight, internet performance and reliablity will be greatly effected.

Why do I need to worry about Wi-Fi Coverage?

Location is key for your wireless router. For smaller structures, having the router in a centeral location allows the Wi-Fi signal to have complete coverage of the unit.

The signal of your Wi-Fi router is not infinite. There is a limit to how far your Wi-Fi signal can travel. For your larger structues, the material in the walls can limit the distance of your signal. ATG technicans can help assist in determining the cause and provide a Wi-Fi signal extension solution to make sure your building has full coverage inside and outside.

Can ATG provide one internet connection for my house and another?

Yes but it depends.

For two homes that are next to each other. Either we can run a cable to the other house, or provide Wi-Fi coverage to the other unit. Internet usage will be limited for both house holds due to sharing, It might be best to have two seperate internet connections to provide quality services.

For homes that are spread apart, or where one home can see our tower sites but the other cannot, we do have a solution. ATG can install a private wireless connection between the two homes so both can have internet.

Can I demo your Internet Service before purchasing?

ATG can provide a demo of the internet services while performing the survey. This does not include installation of equipment.

If you would like a longer demo, or a short usage of our internet service. We do provide month-to-month prices and we will need to install our equipment to your structure.

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“I am involved with radios, landline phones, and other electronics. I appreciate the dedication shown by Applied Technology in designing and installing radio systems that we can depend on to get the job done. We have systems that include up to eight repeaters. Those systems work with a high level of reliability. When I need assistance in solving a problem, I can always call upon Applied Technology to respond with help. They give us personalized service and persist until our system is working again.”

Edward W. Smith

Comm Tech Specialist, Hall Ambulance Service, Inc.

“Your service is wonderful, when you call it’s personal, they know who I am. They handle things the right away, truly the best in the business.”

Theresa Lotta

CEO and Managing Member of Lotta Vineyard

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